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Phone Repair Service

We do fast smartphone repair, tablet repair. For fast repair, you can completely rely on us as we provide same day repairs with good quality services. It may be a shattered screen or the LCD damage or any battery issue, our trained technicians with a vast experience can do it all. Please contact us for detail quotation.

Used Phone Wholesale and Distribution

As a used mobile phone wholesaler, we source directly from top tier carriers, and we sell iphone phones. We are also a dropshipping supplier.

Logistics & Fulfillment Warehousing Operation

Our optimization service starting from the entry point of our fulfillment warehouse to the final logistics service that delivery parcel to the buyer aims to minimize processing time of each order, reduce risk of overstocking, shorten sales cycle, and maximize customer satisfaction via implementation of effective precaution check points.


We have our own professional marketing team, will provide you detail marketing promotion plan and technical support, combined with our e-commerce resources simultaneously to help you maximize your sales.

IT Service

During the business developing, we have built our IT team and technical R&D team to develop internal use ERP. And then we tried to provide outsourcing IT service. This in turn help develop our IT team. Now, whether your needs are for On Demand IT Services, installation, configuration & support of devices, servers, software applications or simple break fix IT needs, all the way to our Managed IT Services. We have the solution for your business.